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Don’t get left at the Van Deman gate with your 3 duffel bags and have to walk the rest of the way because your driver doesn’t have post access… We are fully vetted and contracted with Fort Huachuca.

Every shuttle comes with a receipt to submit to finance for reimbursement.



Are you flying in for a class at Fort Huachuca and don’t have car rental authorized? Don’t waste your time and money renting a car. And never wait for a ride from the airport again. We’ll have a driver meet you at baggage claim at the airport.

All rides Military or Civilian may take advantage of low-priced airport pickups and drop offs at Fort Huachuca. As the official transportation contractor of Fort Huachuca we have the best fares!

For departures, forget the expensive overnight parking costs to leave your car at the airport while you travel. Give us your travel details and we’ll get you there on time and wait for your arrival.



In addition to our call ahead reservations, Huachuca Shuttle provides rides virtually anywhere at any time without notice. If you find yourself stuck somewhere without a ride, we’ll be there to pick you up.

Our family originally started our taxi service to eliminate drunk drivers from our roads. Making it easier for buzzed and drunk riders to get a reliable ride home from bars and clubs.

There is never a reason to risk a DUI or worse! If you know you’re going out and know you won’t be able to drive, schedule a pickup before you leave or just give us a call when you’re ready to leave.

We’ll make sure you get home safely!

Ride today or book ahead.

Community Involvement

Back to School Fair Sponsor

Annual city of Sierra Vista sponsor at Back to School Fair, giving courtesy rides to families in need to and from event.

Fire Department Hero Campaign Partner

Partnering with city of Sierra Vista fire department in the hero campaign getting you home safely after drinking. 

Jennifer House Donor

Huachuca Shuttle sponsors a local women’s transitional home Jennifer House by paying all their utilities and rent monthly.

Student Sponsor

Huachuca shuttle sponsors local Sierra Vista Buddhist Temple by buying authentic Thai dishes for incoming students occasionally from Airport.


Huachuca shuttle Annually sponsors MWR Right Arm Nights, Wine Festivals, and more.